Pleased to meet ya. Hope you guess my name.

Interactive blog time.

I have had Sympathy For the Devil stuck in my head for like…shoot…I don’t know…3 days…I am going crazy. Here is a cool article about the song.

Help me here…please. Must…….get……new…….song….in…..my…..heed.

(what do you currently have stuck in your heed?)


2 responses to “HOOO HOOO

  • Justin

    Speaking of Billy Bragg, the album he did with WILCO putting music to Woody Guthrie’s lyrics, well, I am reading Chronicles by Bob Dylan right now, and 40 years ago Woody gave Bob permission to do that, but when Bob went to Woody’s house Woody’s wife was not home (he was in the hospital) and Bob couldn’t get the lyrics.

    I wonder how that would have turned out…BTW I think the BB/WILCO is fantastic

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