Make Dada Proud! It make me all gibbley inside to…

Make Dada Proud!

It make me all gibbley inside to know that dadaism has a 21st century outlet.

I received this beautiful piece of spam mail today, and, well read it for your self!

cripple but turbine see valve it’s numb a.
schoolmaster some antietam ! den it’s baboon try salk some bondsmen it’s dramatist be brinkmanship but finery , bocklogged try stayed and.
niamey on sternal , dragoon , shari try debase try contribution but mosque some.
allison some apocrypha in car or charta it’s.
quad on riviera the jonquil a wrought on several it’s hyades , columbia on crazy try newsstand try jamaica be amende not.
symphony try derriere not anorthic may abelian some credulity not kenneth see commentator may.
puke it homecoming a armillaria it’s resistible see.
mach try spastic a travertine not catheter in pocketbook the aqueous it’s kittle and builtin may wreck ! son it’s camera but.
dreyfuss ! assemblage some min it washbowl be frangipani ! schoolroom the derisive in.


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