Molly Hartman

A Ton of Bricks

Molly Hartman.

She was a dear friend from college, and I just received news that she passed away.  

This is freaking hard.  I have been shedding tears since I leaned the news.  We were very good friends in college, and lost touch.  

She was one of those magical souls that once you met her you wold never forget her.  She was so genuine…in everything she did.  She was brilliant.  A Light.  

God, I feel so guilty for having lost touch.  This freaking hurts.


More Molly.  These are from a mutual friend’s facebook page.





May your memory be eternal, little sister.  It will be with me.

I think this is why it hurts so bad.  I always saw Molly as a little sister, and that is why loosing touch and not being there is hurting so bad.  

Molly was in several shows I directed in college, and I remember one time she had gotten some bad news from home.  It was during that rehearsal that I saw the healing and redemptive power of art.  We both really saw it that night.  

I am sorry little sister.


19 thoughts on “A Ton of Bricks

  1. selggodnoob says:

    She was a very unique person
    who won’t be forgotten.
    Intelligent and artistic, plus she
    looked remarkable in a
    neon blue wig.
    Very sad day.

  2. Anna says:

    I just heard about Molly’s death this morning, and I’m deeply saddened. I had not been in touch with Molly for quite some time. We went to high school together. In fact, we were very close childhood friends. Life kind of took us in different directions, but I always looked up to Molly. She was fiercely unique and very smart. I always admired her ambition, and she had a smile for everyone. I have thought of her and her family often over the years, and I’m devastated that this is the first I’ve heard in quite some time. I just wanted to express what a special person I thought she was and what a terrible tragedy this is.

  3. Jamie Lynn says:

    I knew Molly pretty well. I worked with her and lived with her during a really rough patch in my life. Molly showed me how to laugh sing and smile again. I am so saddened to hear that she is gone. I found out this morning and I am just shocked. I feel bad that we lost touch as my life changed. I will miss her dearly and I will never forget her.

  4. Bobbi Hartman says:

    I am deeply touched by the comments that have been posted about Molly. Molly Jean is my daughter and I know that I have met many of you throughout the different chapters of life with her. I know that Molly would want me to be honest about what happened to her because she felt people need to understand that addiction is truly a disease that is a struggle to live with every day for many, many people in the world. She had struggled with this disease for many years but was able to control it and was clean for 4 years. This time was a happy and productive chapter of her life. Since most of you knew who Molly was I hope you will understand that I think this world was just too harsh and uncaring for her to live in. She loved so many people within in her too short of life and I know she will be remembered with happy memories of how she loved to help people, how she enjoyed her friends and always was making new friends and her contagious laugh. She sponsored several people that were trying to change their lives to overcome addiction. She took this very seriously and would tell me how proud she was when they were “working the program”.

    My life will never be the same without Molly. She was my daughter and my best friend. But hearing stories of how she touched your lives has helped me in dealing with my profound grief. I believe that Molly is in a better place where she is free from the stress of life. I also believe that she gave each of us a little bit of herself every time she smiled, she sang or she just sat and listened when someone needed to be heard. This is how she will continue to help others, by teaching us to help those in need without judgment. In this way she will live on forever……

  5. Nike says:

    Crushed does not begin to define how I am feeling. It was so very hard to find out the news of her death and it still seems unreal. Molly was a dear friend who came to be my sponsor. She helped me out during various difficlut periods of me life and I still hear her words and guidance when I struggle, and it helps me. Her death does not make me lose faith in the program. It is just the nature of the disease that makes us self desrtuctive and this opens my eyes to how fragile we are at all moments. She put up a hell of a fight. She inspires me and will always be alive in my thoughts, she is part of my heart and my soul. It was hard for me, too, because I moved overseas and also lost touch in the last year. I consider myself alive, today, beacause Molly was part of my life, and i wish I could have been there for her, the way she was for me, but she did not reach out. I am sorry I didn’t make a bigger effort. Thank you, Molly and goodbye. Bobbi, I am so very sorry for your loss. Give my best to all the family. May you all, family and friends, live on to remember her.

  6. A.P. says:

    I was just thinking of Molly when I came across this. My mom told me a while back about what happened. I have known Molly for a long time, but it wasn’t until after highschool that we even got to know each other. Reading what everyone has said about Molly, I completely agree, Molly was definitely unforgettable. She was smart, beautiful, unique, gifted and just a great person to be around. The last time I saw Molly she was really struggling with her addiction and trying to figure out the right path for her. I lost touch with her after a while and lost her number. She is the 2nd friend that I have lost to this disease, which I am all to familiar with myself. When we lost touch, I was worried about her, but I never imagined that this would happen. I, unfortunately, never got to see her get clean. But I am so proud of you for doing that Molly. I am so proud of her for getting the opportunity to help others and probably saved some lives along the way too. Unfortunately Molly is the second friend I have lost this way and it really hurts to know that it so easily could have been me. Harry, Bobbi, Ben you should be so proud of her, she was a beautiful person who touched many lives. I was only given the opportunity to be friends with Molly for a short time, but I am grateful that I had that. There are just a few things about Molly that I wanted to share, just some little memories I have of her. Her Tide purse of course, she was always so innovative, her long army dress, her always changing hair, her sweetness, the way that she hated when someone’s teeth touched their silverware (I always had to make sure I paid attention when I ate. lol) and when we went to this little Thai restaurant in Aurora with her dad that is the begining of my love for Yellow Curry, Thanks Molly! Harry

  7. Myra Keovilayhong says:

    Hello, my name is Myra. Molly was a very good friend of mine. We met through her work and since then I had hired her as my make-up artist when I did photoshoots. I moved to Washington in 2007 and lost touch with her. I have been trying to find her after all this time and decided to type in her name in Google and found this page. I am deeply saddened to hear about her death…and I would like to know what happened…The last time I saw her, she was clean. I am in complete shock and am sincerely devastated…

  8. Samantha H says:

    Crazy, I’ve been thinking about Molly sooo much over the last 2 years. I heard of her passing through a shared co-worker of ours. Molly was truly amazing and had I not met her 5 years ago at Ulta Cosmetics in Downers Grove, I would not be the person I am. Molly was my prestige manager and taught me everything that I could ever think about knowing on skincare, makeup, and we even shared her past on drugs and rehabilitation. Molly was a real inspiration to me, and I couldn’t tell you how great she made me feel as a makeup artist and study..I’m really saddened still by the loss because I just genuinely miss her. I love you Mollz =)
    Sam H.

  9. jamie says:

    Molly was a great friend of mine too and I tear up every single time I think of her. Hurts me terribly that she is gone. Thank u for posting this so I can see pictures of her.

  10. Laura Kiro says:

    I think about Molly often. I’m am saddened by her passing. Molly called me and I was so busy at work that I didn’t call her back. Two weeks later, she passed. I carried that guilt for a while of why didn’t I call her. I know I couldn’t have changed things but it hurt. She was really special to me and the day of the wake I was really struggling to accept it. The next day was the funeral. I didn’t go. I had to work. I think I could of gotten out of it but I handled her passing by running and hiding from it. I have searched her name to see if there is a place that I can go and pay my respects. I haven’t found anything until now. It’s nice to be able to leave my thoughts here. I’ve really kept them in for so long. I didn’t really understand addiction until after she passed. I was supportive of her of course but I didn’t really fully understand what she was going through inside. I do now. I will forever think of her everytime I see a houndstooth print or put on my urban decay eye shadow or call Starbucks snarbucks. I always tried to make her laugh and that is why we balanced so well. I was out shopping and saw I shirt that I loved. When I tried it on, the girl on the shirt looked like Molly. The saying was in french and I didn’t know what it meant. I went home and looked it up and it said, “It doesn’t rain everyday.” I love you Molly and miss you dearly.

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