Rev. Justin Thornburgh is a husband, father, preacher, artist, and activist living presently in Indianapolis, IN. He is an ordained minster of The American Baptist Churches, USA. He is serving as the pastor to Emerson Avenue Baptist Church and as a Youth and Family Ministry Leader for the Edna Martin Christian Center.

Justin’s passion is to serve in an urban context, as he his vocational call was shaped in the heart of the south side of Chicago where he did his Clinical Pastoral Education unit working with children whose lives had been disrupted by the epidemic of violence and mass incarceration. It was in Bronzeville that he truly saw the systems of evil that run our world. From them on he has committed his life to fighting against injustices; prophetically proclaiming the Gospel of liberation and transformation.

He has studied at the feet of such leaders as Rev. Otis Moss, III; Fr. Michael Pfleger; Rev. Dr. Yvonne Delk; Drs. Linda Thomas and Richard Perry; and Rev. Susan Johnson. In their shadow he has picked up the mantel and refuses to be silent when others are still oppressed.


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  1. Gayle Bliair says:

    Hey, have you read any of Donald Miller’s books? Not Donald with a middle initial, there are some of those out there. Plain old Donald Miller. I just finished Blue Like Jazz. This guy is about as warped as I am. I highly recommend this author. He’s your age, too.

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