The Random Musings of a Wandering Soul “…is a thought, followed by a thought, followed by a thought, ad infinitum; a kind of wonder-wandering. I love to wonder-wander. It’s what I am; it’s what we are … existential facts of some of my thoughts travels; collections of truths, half-truths, and fractions of truths that I wonder about.”–Ken Nordine on Word Jazz copyright 2002-2007Justin Thornburgh

Let’s See, I was born in Springfield, Il and currently reside in Chicago. I am married to a wonderful lass named Mae. We have a dog, Malcolm Reynolds.

I am an actor, director, desiginer in the local theater scene. I love art, religion, politics…you know, all the stuff your mom told you never to discuss at the dinner table…well, this is the dinner table–feel free to discuss.


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  • Gayle Bliair

    Hey, have you read any of Donald Miller’s books? Not Donald with a middle initial, there are some of those out there. Plain old Donald Miller. I just finished Blue Like Jazz. This guy is about as warped as I am. I highly recommend this author. He’s your age, too.

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